Raise Capital for Your
Cannabis Business.

Wrazel Invest is the best platform to raise capital for cannabis businesses. 
We curate a directory of investors from pre-seed to Series A and above,
so you can raise the capital you need.

Investment Marketplace for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Wrazel provides an online marketplace that makes it easy for “Sponsors” to raise capital for their cannabis related businesses. “Sponsors” can upload their investment opportunities directly onto the Wrazel marketplace. Once all necessary information is uploaded and Wrazel has approved the project, the investment opportunity is live.

Investors and lenders will be able to see the investment opportunity and invest their money into your project. Wrazel streamlines the capital raising process and allows businesses to manage their own capital raise while exposing them to a network of investors and lenders.

Network of Investors

Gain access to accredited investors looking to invest into cannabis businesses.


SEC/FINRA Check gives you credibility in the eyes of accredited investors.

Direct Investment

Direct investment from accredited investors, so you are legally and financially protected.

Manage Investments

Manage and update your offer, so investors always have the most current information.

Prepare Due Diligence

Prepare all necessary documents to empower investors to invest in your company.​

Safe & Secure

Our 256-bit encryption makes for safe and secure protection to protect your information.​

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